Poem for “T”

The Jellyfish

Ode to a Glazed Donut

Bike Ride

Summer Heart

Rio Celeste

Still Life with Cookie Tin Painting

Cool Springs

After Botched Tarts

The Day of the Dead


Four square

Cape May

Anaphora: a method to begin

The Chair


In Which You Lose Control

11 Ways to Leave Madrid

The Garden of Forking Paths

Sketches from Old Beginnings

“Make for Me a Sign”

Transfiguration: A Study

Salad Night

The Tree Climber

Blueprint of Hands

The Persistence of Memory

Sonnet for Swimmers

Bread Crumb Poems

It’s a Thing You Don’t Use When It Pours 

Almost Unnoticed 

Opus 118 No. 2 

What Can My Left Hand Say?

How the Nose Remembers


Big Top

Postcard from the Met



Sound Exercise



After-school Hours

Bullfinch´s The Age of Fable

August Sequence


After Robert Hass

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