A Different Kind of Light

  The Poets and Writers prompt for this week suggested using these words as part of a poem:┬ápromenade, mettle, flap, arbor, azimuth, heap, mast, foxgrape I hardly knew what half of those words meant. But looking them up led me to some other memories from my college days. And it ended up not being aContinue reading “A Different Kind of Light”

Good Times

Yesterday I received an email that directed me to a compliment on Yelp which read: For your review of: Public Assembly Who’s your favourite Vampire Weekend member to hit on?? Also, you were featured in today’s Weekly! Check it: http://www.yelp.com/weekly?edition_id=OtEqx7ZndmJGqi_XR83MVQ Bwahah, obviously I had a good laugh over that with Googly, who was with meContinue reading “Good Times”