To the Locust of the Swarming Variety

This is a combination of two epistolary prompts:  Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts suggested that we consider one of several self-portrait images as part of the process of addressing a letter to someone, and We Write Poems’ Prompt #81 is also based on the same idea, writing a letter to an important historical figure.  Salvador Dali’s self-portraitContinue reading “To the Locust of the Swarming Variety”

Bread Crumb Poems

Words are bread crumbs through a forest… We Write Poems’ Prompt #80 encouraged us to accumulate a minimum of 12 words and to write little two-line “poemlets” with each one. I chose my words by closing my eyes and randomly putting my finger on different pages of a book. The words were: shoulders, breeze, stopped, grass,Continue reading “Bread Crumb Poems”

It’s a Thing You Don’t Use When It Pours

It’s rainy season here in Madrid. We Write Poems’ Prompt #79 encouraged us to write about broken things, or when things aren’t quite going your way. In my English classes we’ve been playing many incessant games of “describe that thing,” which is what inspired the title. It’s a Thing You Don’t Use When It Pours AContinue reading “It’s a Thing You Don’t Use When It Pours”