Transfiguration: A Study

I. awoken. his white, wingless figure gesturing a story to a blinking pupil — mine, wide open, shut — under the shut lid, his form hovering, telling without speaking how it really was, the flood, the fall, and all that which was written in a book telling me without telling II. in my past IContinue reading “Transfiguration: A Study”

Blueprint of Hands

My father’s were knuckled and worn from work, played the game of snatching at mine which darted out of his palms like elusive fish The way each grade school classmate held their pen, how they wrote fixed in my memory, letters forming from the poise of closed fingers, a fist and an instrument The laborContinue reading “Blueprint of Hands”

The Persistence of Memory

One afternoon, as rain trickled onto the pavement and an ambulance sped by through the hazy streets, I was trying to recall the term for when the pitch of a sound alters due to the movement of its source, That word for when something moves, unstoppably, away, and the noise it makes is transformed, veeredContinue reading “The Persistence of Memory”