The Annex

Last night, wandering Soho through the unending rain like a forlorn, unwanted cat. At moments, I actually felt triumphant hopping from sidewalk to sidewalk, trying to dodge the rain by walking through small alleyways. Somehow, I miraculously came across Housing Works Cafe on Crosby street and felt such a welcoming sense of relief while entering. There was a meager, 8 o’clock crowd sitting around at the cafe, wandering through the record section. I decided to order a tea and a spinach quiche, sat down and chuckled over the Onion, and whiled away the hour, glad to be in from the rain. 9 o’clock show at the Annex, Doctor Rosen Rosen (Andy), and the whole crew from work was there supporting him. Afterwards, Annie told me about her strange duck dream that caused her to quit smoking cold turkey, about her nightly hallucinations/dreams about smoking, and about her boyfriend. I had a dream about smoking myself through the night. The long, tiresome week finally ending with a restful weekend.

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