A Mini-Vacation in las Canarias

I really should start updating more often. Got back from a wonderful little vacation in Lanzarote, one of the main islands of Las Canarias. When we arrived at our hotel, we were astounded at the multitude of old British and German couples sitting in the salon for bingo night. We lived for a week in the topmost terrace of the hotel, with a balcony, a beautiful sea view, and some stray black cats that followed us around and entered our house to sleep. Even though we had two or three days of drizzle and some clouds, the weather was a lot more pleasant that what we’ve been having in Madrid lately. We got to swim at the beaches, play paddle ball, and do some mid-winter tanning. We took a tour through the Timanfaya national park, which consisted of amazing volcanic landscapes…miles of black lava rock and the strange feeling that you’ve suddenly landed yourself on the moon. On one of the last days we took the ferry to Fuerteventura, a nearby island which boasts of the best beaches around. We spent a day at the large stretch of beach right next to the sand dunes where camels were ambling around. We also spent a good deal of time smoking, reading, driving, and talking, among other things. Now that I’m back in Madrid, these things already seem to have receded into the slightly foggy past. Other things, however, haven’t.

2 thoughts on “A Mini-Vacation in las Canarias

  1. i now completely understand the compulsion to go to a summer land during the cold months. even though the time was there and gone so quickly for me too, the sense of content sticks around for some time after returning (but being worn away by traffic, weather, schedule in 3…2…1…)what haven’t you forgotten yet?p.s. jes, update more often!!

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