It’s time I wrote more

What’s new? Well, I’m looking for more work now cuz I’m completely broke after vacationing. Not only am I broke, I’m in debt with several people, other than my parents… I’m not sure if I can even afford to buy a one-way ticket to the United States.

This month: more work, less partying, more concentration, and finding free things to do…


I’ve started a book called Brooklyn Follies, by Paul Auster, who’s pretty popular here in Spain. (I actually never heard of him before). Javi recommended it to me after we read his other book together, A Man in the Darkness. Brooklyn Follies is about a man who has lung cancer, and who goes to Brooklyn to spend the rest of his short life there. There he coincidentally runs into his niece, who works in an antique book store, and starts to have conversations with her and re-establish relations with his family. It’s a little strange to read it in Spanish translation; there are so many expressions that I recognize as American, and the book takes place in Brooklyn and is written by someone familiar with the rhythm of life there. It’s pretty easy to read, so I take it with me in the metro on my way to my classes. Anyway, I just wanted to share a bit of my literary adventures.


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