Wednesday in the City

Yesterday Judy and I went on a walk to Atocha, since it was such a lovely and sunny day. I didn’t have class until 6, and Judy didn’t want to go to hers, so we decided to spend some time outside. We went to an exhibit at the Caixa Forum called “Zonas de Riesgos,” (Risk Zones) which included photography, sculptures, video installations, etc.


One work by an Iranian women called “Turbulencia” consisted of a room with two walls and two video installations on each side. In one of the videos, a man in white sings in an auditorium, with an audience of seated men behind him, also dressed in white. It’s a passionate and traditional song, with a strong rhythm and instrumental music. In the video on the other side of the room, we see the back of a woman dressed in black with her head covered, in an empty auditorium. While the man sings, the woman stands without speaking, a shadow on the screen.


After the man stops singing, the camera in the other video moves to focus slowly on the woman’s face, who starts to sing. At first, it’s a soft song, accompanied by whispers which make us think the voice isn’t hers. Little by little, the song, which isn’t traditional or accompanied by musical instruments, becomes a terrible, tormented one, with other voices overlapping, full of fury and horror. The men in the other screen are quiet, expressionless. It’s a very impressive, evocative, and beautiful work.

Afterwards, we get some drinks and take a walk through Retiro Park. Through the city there are many plastic cows that form part of the exhibit “Cow Parade.” There are cows of all kinds, painted differently, and all pretty funny and interesting-looking.

There’s also a book fair near Retiro where cheap second-hand books are sold, even though you have to go hunting in order to find something worthwhile.

I had a class at  6, dinner with Javi in Chueca in a restaurant called Wagaboo, some beers,.. in sum, a pretty good day.


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