I’ve discovered an AUTHENTIC Chinese store in Madrid near Metro Tetuan (well, there’s more than one there). When we went there to buy things for our first sushi-making attempt, I was flabbergasted because this wasn’t like all the other Chinese grocery stores in the city. It was as if I were in a small store in Chinatown in Philadelphia; they sold Chinese veggies, rice-makers, an abundant variety of snacks, utensils, frozen foods, dumplings (!), tofu, sauces, all the essential to make Chinese meals. My mother would be so proud!

We bought a 3L rice-cooker for 20 euros, a pack of dumplings, and one of these:

and afterwards we went to a Japanese store to buy things for the sushi. They came out pretty bad because we either put too much rice in them or we didn’t cut them properly. But we also made nigiri, which came out pretty nicely.

I miss this:

and this:

And in general, the diversity of food that you would find in New York. I’m dying of impatience for the day I eat my first home-cooked mommy food!


One thought on “Food!

  1. holy shit this blog is completely in spanish. i can’t read a word of it, but goddamn, that dim sum looks good. where the hell did you find dim sum in europe??

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