La burbuja que rie

We went to this place last night to celebrate David’s birthday. It’s an Asturian restaurant that serves typical food from the region and cider, which they pour into glasses from a considerable height. Asturian cider is less sweet than English-style ciders and much more refreshing. One of my roommates, Marina, is from Asturias, so I’ve had the opportunity to try their delicious cheeses:

My favorite is goat cheese, the one with the blue tint; it crumbles easily, smells bad, tastes strong, but it’s SOOO YUMMY!

You can read an article that appeared in the NYTimes last year about Asturian cheese caves:

Hennyway, we had one of these assorted cheese tablas, chorizo in cider, fries with cheese, a salad with tuna and red pepper, and mussels. Everything was really good, and I also liked the decoration of the restaurant — very rustic, as if you were in a tavern in the countryside.

Wish there were something akin to Yelp in Madrid; I think it’d be a good idea to start writing reviews of different places here.

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