Just got back from Chicago! My sister bought me some cheap next-day tickets for a 10-day trip. It was awesome, because I couldn’t stand the boredom at home any longer…

Things we did:

– the modern exhibit at the Institute of Art…they’ve built a new wing and a bridge for public access (the architecture in Chicago is always fascinating)

– the comic stand-up show “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad”, including crass jokes and burlesque, ridiculously funny

– the farmer’s market…we bought little tomatoes and made spaghetti with tomato sauce

– the zoo! very close to the apartment

– singing songs on the guitar…for days without end…

– “Cat and Mouse Convention” concert

– a gelato party! her friend had concocted a lot of new flavors in the last couple of months, in preparation for opening her gelato shop in Hawaii

– a dance party in a bar…never again will I drink whisky

– running along the river, doing falun gong (finally I don’t feel like a rock)

– exploring Lincoln Park (where she lives) and Wicker Park, a hipster neighborhood

– the movie “Julie and Julia”

– a Labor Day barbecue at the beach, an intense game of Bagg

– jazz festival at Grant Park, pic-a-nicking, happy hour

– a showing of E.T. in the park at night, with the doggies!

– laundry and the creepy laundry room

It’s been a great vacation…I love Chicago during the summer, the lake, the open spaces, the buildings, the free events, the parks… It’s a fabulous city. Just got back to the wind and rain in Philadelphia, and another week left til I go back to Spain.

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