Una Semana Larga…

In honor of mirror-image writing…a backwards picture of “I will not talk,” twenty times.

This weekend has come like a huge gust of fresh air. The week normally feels long, even though I technically have a three-day weekend, but this week was especially so because all the first grade teachers had gone away on an extended field trip with the second graders. So they put me in charge of teaching all the English classes…no easy feat.

I’d come out of class with a sore voice, murderous and frustrated. There is one class in particular that really needs to be shown who’s boss; before learning English, they need to be taught how to learn, how to listen. My moment of power came when I got fed up and told them all to write “I will not talk” twenty times… half an hour of silence triumphantly won there.

But all in all, I quite enjoyed the week, complaining aside. I felt that some progress and productivity had come out of it. This very well may be something I could possibly do in the future, being a public school teacher…of course half (or most) of the attraction comes in the form of a 3-month vacation every year. This would mean I will never have problems finding the time to travel, even live, in other places, given I get a good salary package! 🙂

One thought on “Una Semana Larga…

  1. all i can comment is that it's certainly a pity teaching involves children. 3 months vacation + anything (except children) is really a winning combination.i know exactly what you mean, though, about wanting time to travel. i am hoping, if ever i'm ensconced in a corporate-type Real Job, to work like mad for 60% of the year and then go off gallivanting for the remainder. all i ask is that it's enough to keep me in plane tickets to interesting places.

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