"What is the shorter month of the year?"

It´s already February! The time of rebajas shopping, Chinese New Year, more cold weather, and…not much more really. Last weekend we went to see Chicago the musical, versión español. It was actually excellent! Kind of strange when you’re used to the original songs, and then suddenly you hear Castillian Spanish coming from cabaret dancers. I would really recommend going to see it, plus it’s much cheaper than trying to see a musical in New York.

Been eating lots of Japanese, as well as 2 for 1 dinners at Gino’s Pizza. On Thursday night we tried a new Japanese restaurant in Callao called Musashi, pretty good, and then we decided to stop by for intercambio night at Café Madrid. It was kind of strange and fun at the same time, although there were practically no Spanish people there. A good mix of people, more socializing than exchanging. Oh, those intercambio days…

Anyway I’ve been really slow at putting up more pictures from Costa Rica…will need to get on that soon.

One thought on “"What is the shorter month of the year?"

  1. Hint taken. I'm updating myself on your life now. Chicago's the musical, Gino's Pizza, and lots of Japanese cuisine? It sounds like you're in Chicago…those are a few of our trademarks! You must be living in Chicago's tumor twin city.

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