March Non-Madness

Well, folks, (AKA the one person who is reading this blog), time is moving pretty quickly these days and as the Spanish say, We are already in March. It hasn´t stopped being cold or rainy a bit in the last month or so, but today is a good day because I can finally see the Madrid sun and I don´t feel as if I´m freezing my ass off in school. But maybe this is because I´m in the computer room and not in the heat-less hallways. It´s so strange how the sun can suddenly change your mood, and this is why people who live in tropical places just seem so much more relaxed and happy.

Lots of preparation going on for next year… doctor´s appointments, application deadlines, placement exams, package-sending. I am hoping that next year in Madrid will be more intellectually stimulating and that there´ll be more things going on than teaching English classes, in which I bore even myself. I never thought I´d ever want to go back to school, to writing papers and taking tests, in fact I swore to myself years ago that I´d never take another standardized test and that my thesis was the last paper I´d ever write. And for a year, teaching English was a challenge and something I was able to learn and improve at every day, but now it´s become something more or less mechanical. I find myself wandering into bookstores and eyeing the poetry section, lustily reading literature course descriptions, printing out poetry exercises and forcing myself to write…something at least. I´m ready to go back to being a nerd.

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