April Showers

I have a lot of posting to do! I´ll find the time one day to just sit and blog about my trips. In the past couple of months, we´ve made it out to Prague, Morroco, and Athens, so a lot of pictures are pending. The school year is fast coming to an end, and warm weather has more or less finally arrived in Madrid, probably followed on its heels by blistering heat. When school ends in mid-June, I´ll be flying out immediately to Philadelphia, and then about a week later to Vermont, where I´ll start the Middlebury graduate school summer program.

I´m excited to go back to school, excited to go to Spanish boot camp and read a crapload of books, and yes, even though I promised that that Lorca thesis during senior year was the last paper I´d ever write, I´m excited to start thinking again. I’ve heard a good many things about the program, so hopefully I’ll be coming back to Madrid (for the last time?) with some new insights and better Spanish.

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