Happy Mother’s Day!

My dad called me on skype today and said they had received the flowers I ordered and the lobsters from my sister. Big happy smiles all around! I feel like these holidays mean a lot more now that we’re both far away from Philly. And I’m so glad we’re living in a technological age which allows for webcam and skyping from half a world away…dunno what I’d do without it.

Yesterday we went to the annual puppet festival in Segovia, Titirimundi. Although the weather was crappy and rainy and we only got to see two shows as opposed to all the ones we had been planning to see (thanks to awful festival organization), it was still worth it. That’s the third time I’ve been to Segovia, and it never gets old — the beautiful looming aqueduct, the cathedrals, plazas and cozy bars. I think it certainly is one of the most charming towns near Madrid.

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