An assignment, translated

¨What should I write my first blog entry about?¨ I ask my sister.  It´s Thursday night and I´m talking to her on chat like always. I´m already in bed with my pajamas on, and she´s in an office in Chicago with her cup of afternoon coffee.

¨Write about your soup,¨ she says without having to think, ¨and whether or not you should put in tomatoes.¨

¨But that´s stupid. What would be the overarching point?

¨Overarching, well… tomatoes or no tomatoes.¨

I laugh. Earlier I had made a giant pot of soup because there´s a patient in the house, sick with the flu, and I have to play nurse for a couple of days. I had asked my sister whether or not I should put tomatoes in chicken noodle soup, and she said no, that she had tried it once before and it didn´t taste right. I commented that you could add chicken and noodles to tomato soup, and it would taste fine, it all depends on the soup you intend on making. I wound up putting in the tomatoes.

Well I didn´t want to write about something so banal.

¨At least it´s a true story,¨ says my sister. ¨A good true story is better than fiction any day, somebody once said.¨

And I say that however a true story should at least have a point and be somewhat interesting or moving.

¨Are you not moved by how good your soup tastes?¨

¨Well, the truth is that it didn´t wind up tasting so good after all,¨ I say with a small sigh.

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