Almost Unnoticed

We Write Poems’ Prompt #78 is about Halloween! I’ve always been a chicken, exaggeratedly so, especially after watching scary movies and regretting having watched them 😦

Almost Unnoticed

The ghost in my house
is an opener of windows
and a closer of doors.

My memory doesn’t quite serve me right
as the hallway door remains just ajar
in the dark morning,

or as I watch the bathroom door
close again past the fogged pane
of the shower

as if someone had just slipped in.
I listen for sighs of hinges as I sleep,
my ticking brain keeps vigil

even in daylight,
I throw open the curtains
and turn on all the lights

observe shadows to make sure
they stay in place and
don’t glide in ways

that make them even more unlike us.

3 thoughts on “Almost Unnoticed

  1. You carried through the lurking fear of doors and windows so well to the end.. with every nuance of the fear of ghost.

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