FullSizeRender (1)

(acrylic on canvas)

Colors bloom from separate spectrums and transform reason into vision — the coming into being of weight, length, volume, shadow on a blank stretch of fabric that was once the nothing of an egg-shell wall. Time swims the slow, delicate and strong strokes, the subtle brushes which build the tincture of texture. You level your intention like you do words which are drawn to the surface carefully, impulsively, from a place of incantations, a well of spells. You look long enough, and the light gathers and settles like mood on the skin of fruit; the exact shade reveals itself and casts a mantle of atmosphere in your brain. I love that promise of all art — distilling a feeling separate from reality, a different and subterranean life, the converging of the outer and inner worlds whose borders and wildlands we so precariously roam.

– May 2017

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