Other Earth

Welcome to this new blue
world: a more distant dot 
concealed within folds 
of our deep fervor 

where rivers run unchecked
to unburden husks
of open hands and mouths,
from which red-orange   

molten light of words  
rise up as fortress, monsoon
cloud, kingdom of language
translating sisters & lovers

into indomitable being  
where once our skin
blistered and broke  
our names washed up

bloodless, expired onto shorelines 
to be consumed by the rollicking
from that lament of time,
that scar of gravity

scraping at our feet;
instead --  here we run
like we never ran before
laughing so hard our tears

ripen and drop as figs, forsythias
and our golden arms grow pinions
to finally lift up into this sun the kernel
bursting from within our throats

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