Mallorca: Playtime in the Mediterranean

Allison came to visit! I promised I’d take her to a Spanish island, so we decided on Mallorca, Menorca’s bigger sister out in the Mediterranean. Fine white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters: paradisiacal cliches but truly marvelous when they are right in front of you, complete with the caw of seagulls and murmur ofContinue reading “Mallorca: Playtime in the Mediterranean”

Menorca: A Snorkeler’s Paradise

1. Dirt trails shaded by pine trees which form part of the ancient “Cami de Cavalls,” or “Road of Horses,” slope gently uphill, downhill, leading to Menorca’s southern coves. The Cala Pregonda, like almost all of the island’s coves, rivals an aquarium. Through its shallow turquoise waters one can see perfectly the silver fish dartingContinue reading “Menorca: A Snorkeler’s Paradise”