Seville: Orange Trees in the Old World

I: Sevilla Seville is one of those cities that incarnate the vital, pumping heart of a country, its veins reaching deep into an old Spain that is felt in its grandiose plazas, its signature fragrance of orange trees and jasmine, the gait of afternoon strollers as they walk, as if kings, the snaking cobblestoned streets.Continue reading “Seville: Orange Trees in the Old World”

The Land of Kilts and Castles

Such dusky grandeur clothed the height, Where the huge castle holds it state,  And all the steep slope down, Whose ridgy back heaves to the sky, Piled deep and massy, close and high, Mine own romantic town! – Sir Walter Scott   John and I are ready to embark on yet another cold winter holiday…Continue reading “The Land of Kilts and Castles”