Christmasland: Copenhagen and Stockholm

My first imaginary encounter with Copenhagen was in the book Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, a young-adult novel we read in the 5th grade which is set in Denmark during the Nazi occupation. The main character, Annemarie, who is a young Danish girl, helps her Jewish friend and her family to hide and escape to Sweden. I remember a scene inContinue reading “Christmasland: Copenhagen and Stockholm”

Doomsday Reflections

“The sun is setting on a century, and we’re armed to the teeth. We are all working together now to make our lives mercifully brief…” They say the world will end this week. With the rush of winter and the holiday season suddenly having stumbled so quickly in our midst, it has hardly felt likeContinue reading “Doomsday Reflections”

Navidad en Madrid!

As the holidays are approaching in Madrid, it’s been getting terribly cold… and as I look outside my window now, there’s snow! It’s the time of beautiful Christmas lights along all the major avenues, roastedcastañas, or chestnuts, ice skating, winter fairs, Cortylandia, and… practicing the “Must Be Santa” song with the first graders about 16Continue reading “Navidad en Madrid!”