“Language is a skin”

“Language is a skin.” – Roland Barthes I think about this and contemplate the folds and pores of my writing. I wonder if it ages through repetition and predictable motifs throughout the years, if the words need scrubbing or stretching. I imagine the skin of sentences skimming the surface of a lake, pressing palm toContinue reading ““Language is a skin””

Language Power: Political Correctness… and Spain

“If we change language, we change everything.” – Betsy Warland I read two articles by a Spanish blogger, Sergio Parra, the other day which stuck with me like a little splinter in a nail, perhaps because I wasn’t sure if I completely agreed with him or not. In one article, he talks about the relationshipContinue reading “Language Power: Political Correctness… and Spain”

Life Doesn’t Come with Subtitles

Middlebury College, Vermont — in the summer it becomes a campus for the ten language immersion schools 7/2/2010 I’m breaking the rules writing in English. This “No English” rule is pretty effective — I’m even dreaming about having to say things in Spanish.  Classes are mentally invigorating yet physically tiring.  I went to bed yesterdayContinue reading “Life Doesn’t Come with Subtitles”