Things are heating up in Spain

After grabbing a coffee next to Retiro Park yesterday I decided to wander on down towards the center, was about to bypass Sol to catch the bus back home, but decided to do a little more walking towards the heart of Madrid, site of the famous (and adorable) Madrid bear statue. I wasn´t really surprisedContinue reading “Things are heating up in Spain”

Happy Chinese New Year! And Carnaval! And Valentine´s Day…

Lots of celebrations going on these days, getting myself ready for the Year of the Tiger! There´s going to be a parade and a food festival here in downtown Madrid this weekend, so it should be fun finding the familiar from home here in España. Today all of our kids dressed up as animals forContinue reading “Happy Chinese New Year! And Carnaval! And Valentine´s Day…”

Navidad en Madrid!

As the holidays are approaching in Madrid, it’s been getting terribly cold… and as I look outside my window now, there’s snow! It’s the time of beautiful Christmas lights along all the major avenues, roastedcastañas, or chestnuts, ice skating, winter fairs, Cortylandia, and… practicing the “Must Be Santa” song with the first graders about 16Continue reading “Navidad en Madrid!”