On Frida Kahlo

“Pinto flores, así no mueren.” “I paint flowers so they will not die.”  August 15th, Mexico City She was ready for her exit from the tides of life, and yet her spirit cried, “¡Viva la vida!” A life replete with color, pain, strength, betrayal. The pictures of her reveal someone enigmatic and joyful, her dark eyesContinue reading “On Frida Kahlo”

Adventures in the Yucatan: Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala

Day 1: Cancun Arrival in Cancun, finally, after a stressful morning of transit. Stomach churning while driving foreign roads plagued with confusing road signs which send us in infuriating circles around town while trying to find our hostel. I forgot what hostels were like — loud, full of young vivacious travelers, rickety beds, flooding bathrooms,Continue reading “Adventures in the Yucatan: Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala”