A New Year, a New Format

Welcome back to my travel blog, I know it’s been awhile…I’ll be sticking to English from now on. And welcome to my new metro stop at Concha Espina. I am now living in the northeastern part of Madrid, quite close to the renowned football stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, and right across the street from the BerlinContinue reading “A New Year, a New Format”

Back from the Dead Again

Yegads, I’m finally a full-time English teacher! I guess 15 hours here is pretty much almost full time. I might be able to handle more when the need for more booze money arises. I’m working with three different language agencies that are sending me to homes (where I teach cute, clever, sometimes satanic little spanishContinue reading “Back from the Dead Again”

Mas Cosas

More pictures here for your viewing pleasure: http://picasaweb.google.com/ablefires658/Madrid#5245497706602818130 So I tried out a McDonald’s here with some hungry classmates today. First of all, they open at noon (?!) and we had to wait outside for 5 minutes before somebody finally ambled over to open the door (and this was only because there was another SeƱorContinue reading “Mas Cosas”