It’s thunderstorming like crazy in Madrid! Even when it rains the city is gorgeous…

I’ve completed my second day of class at the EBC TEFL Training Center and I’m already up to my elbows during late hours with lesson planning. I will be teaching my first practice class this Thursday! (To Madrileños who they’ve apparently pulled from the streets to be our guinea pigs.) “Free English class, step right up! You might learn some English, or.. you might not. Taught by our third-day students.”

Will definitely do more updating when I get some proper sleep.

2 thoughts on “Busy-ness

  1. third-day student, whatev. you’re going to knock ’em dead (or out with the horse laugh =P)it’s a fair trade, i think. aforementioned Madrileños will learn some englilish and you’ll have the chance to study their mullets

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