Procrastinating Yet Again

Some things I’ve noticed about Madrid:

1) For some reason, even though the transportation system isn’t that complex, it takes about 5 minutes to get out of every subway station because there are about 4 HUGE escalators every time. Nobody ever takes the stairs, and very few people actually pass on the left side of the escalators to make the journey out of the underground faster.

2) Sometimes the weather forecast doesn’t contain numbers for the temperature, just a map of the country with pictures of suns and clouds and raindrops all over. Not sure how this is informative.

3) People will always say “Hola” to you, even if there are two of them and they are engaged in conversation as you pass by (on the stairs for example).

4) Everybody smokes. You can smoke right next to an old lady in a cafe eating her dessert and she won’t care.

5) Finally, there are NO clocks in the city, at least not where I’ve been. You know how every city usually has a Big Ben kind of tower? Or digital clocks in the subway and on train cars? Or clocks on certain buildings or on sidewalks? Nope, haven’t seen any. I guess the tardiness of the people here are manifested in their urban planning.

3 thoughts on “Procrastinating Yet Again

  1. ah, it sounds so lovely and relaxed and human, the way you describe madrid. i may be a bit bitter, as i’m just returning from work.only now that you mention it have i realised that there are clocks all over new york. does it attest to my tendency to be horribly late that i never noticed them before?p.s. stop smoking, you fiend.

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