La Noche en Blanco:

More like the night which quickly turned into a morning of sudden and unexpected unconsciousness.

I arrived at the Parque del Buen Retiro and managed to see this interesting video installation of sprouting flowers on a building facade. All over central Madrid there were musicians playing on towering platforms, videos with art slides, projections on buildings, huge crowds of people awaiting a tightrope walker who never actually appeared to walk the rope. We hung out for a couple of hours in one of my classmates’ apartment to have a few drinks, and by the time it was 3:00 it was time to hit the bars. I’d never seen so many people out at that time of night. The streets were full, and through the windows of crowded restaurants you would see older people chatting over dinner as if it were 8:30 in the evening.

We spent some time dancing in the bar. Then we started buying shots of rum and whiskey. Then we went to play with the huge rubber ducks that were floating in the main fountain and splashed around a bit. Finally we decided to catch a cab to this one girl’s apartment, where we continued the shots intake. And the rest is history (of which I cannot remember). I woke up confused the next afternoon in Natalia’s bed wearing her pink pj’s. Though it was quite painful, the night was extremely well spent.

2 thoughts on “La Noche en Blanco:

  1. hehe, this post is more like it! it’s so hard to imagine people milling about at obscene hours as you describe, even if it is on a saturday ‘night’…and we always thought things at home started’s always interesting and a bit jarring to see humans take different paces from the one you’re used to. maybe it’s seeing the grass on your end as greener, but europeans have this enviable unhurriedness about them. even in japan, i could see that many people carried with them a certain deliberate intent, even when just walking around. new york for me is now without much thought at all, just the motion of doing. anyway, i’ll stop writing you novels on these comments. post more pictures! i want to see more of your madrid.

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