Space Between

Negative space drawing: eraser on charcoal background Night gleaming by. Brick, concrete, lights lit and unlit, continual pantomime of red to green. The dance of the inanimate which evening tempers into the empty city after-dark. If you focus on the negative space the objects which claim it lose their urgency of presence. They connect whereContinue reading “Space Between”

Postcard from the Met

That portrait of a dog buried in the sand.That portrait of a dog sinking in the sand.I remember it was sepia-toned.The difference between sunk and sinkingPerfect-ness of the action whichbegs the eye to follow through,yet it just stares frozen like the trapped animalWhen you showed me a postcard the year we met, the faded sketchyouContinue reading “Postcard from the Met”

La Noche en Blanco:

More like the night which quickly turned into a morning of sudden and unexpected unconsciousness. I arrived at the Parque del Buen Retiro and managed to see this interesting video installation of sprouting flowers on a building facade. All over central Madrid there were musicians playing on towering platforms, videos with art slides, projections onContinue reading “La Noche en Blanco:”