Still Life with Cookie Tin Painting

Resistance like red spring poppies under a pristine town a river painted with black where the depths reach up Cypresses spindle up from a country house white walls Vague clouds of trees the bed of poppies leaping out like a three-dimensional creature from the flatness of Idyllic Town, Europe A road — a creek —Continue reading “Still Life with Cookie Tin Painting”

Postcard from the Met

That portrait of a dog buried in the sand.That portrait of a dog sinking in the sand.I remember it was sepia-toned.The difference between sunk and sinkingPerfect-ness of the action whichbegs the eye to follow through,yet it just stares frozen like the trapped animalWhen you showed me a postcard the year we met, the faded sketchyouContinue reading “Postcard from the Met”