Tokyo Blues

[ – Te gustan los mapas? – le pregunté.
– Sí. Cuando acabe la universidad quiero entrar en el Instituto Nacional de Geografía y hacer ma-mapas.

Me admiró la gran diversidad de deseos y objetivos que pretende alcanzar el ser humano. Era una de las primeras cosas que me habían sorprendido al llegar a Tokio. Si no hubiera algunas personas – no hace falta que sean muchas – que se interesan, apasionan incluso, por la cartografía, tendríamos un serio problema. ]

I think of these lines when I see ballerinas, old friends doing what they do well…exactly what he told me when we were in Retiro watching the jugglers. There’s such a variety of interests in the world – how is it that people learn what they like to do and what they are good at?


These days, the wind in Madrid has been intolerable. It makes such a loud noise, roaring and pushing until the windows of the house open – especially those in my room. They can’t even close now, not with tape nor with a chair propped up against the latch. I returned to my room yesterday afternoon only to find it in a state of complete disorder, with papers everywhere. Now I have to close my door to achieve some level of peace. An ice box is awaiting me tonight.


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