La Latina!

Welcome to La Latina, the most lively neighborhood in Madrid on Sundays. We used to come here at night to grab some beers (some nights turning into mornings), but since it was such a nice day this Sunday, the streets of La Latina were completely filled with people having lunch, drinking, meeting up with friends…

There were so many people that we couldn’t find any place outside to sit down. I’ve never seen a neighborhood so alive in the last six months of my stay here. It was as if there were a festival of some kind that day, but no…just a normal Sunday in Madrid. This always surprises me, that on whichever day of the week you can also find something fun to do somewhere. We went to a Mexican restaurant, and then we went to have some beers in a bar called Six, where a friend of his was working as a DJ that night.

One of my favorite spots is a bar called Lamiak, which is pretty popular and also overflowing with people. Me and Judy have some fond memories of this place, and I especially love it on Sunday afternoons – the atmosphere and the people are much more calm, you can converse and relax.

We’ve also spent a lot of time in Chueca these days to dine in different restaurants, including Asian ones, which I’ve missed a lot, of course. Every time we plan to have a quiet night, we end up staying at bars and clubs drinking whisky until we get drunk and encounter strange people. I think we’re quite a funny couple. Another long, eventful weekend.


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