I love weekends in Madrid with this great weather. A walk along Gran Via, a glimpse at a photography exhibit, a picnic in Retiro Park with friends.


The exhibit we went to is called “Weegee’s New York,” a collection by an american photographer who documented life in New York in the 30’s and 40’s. There was one wall with photos of people asleep – on the street, on fire escapes, outside bars, in houses. There were also photos of people in Harlem, at Coney Island, at famous places like the Bowery Ballroom.

We’ve discovered a Dunkin Donuts on Gran Via, and we’re sure it has a larger selection of donuts than there normally is at any Dunkin Donuts in the States. There aren’t other things like bread or cakes, it’s only dedicated to donuts.

We’ve also realized that “ir de cañas,” or drinking small beers while barhopping, is very fun but a bit dangerous…they’re so small and innocuous that when you leave to go to another bar, you think you’re able to have another one and another one. After having drunk close to 8 beers, you end up drunk without even knowing it.

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