El Puente

La Malarazza is a band which plays an interesting fusion of Mediterranean music, including folkloric music from various countries – Italy, Spain, etc. We went to one of their concerts this past Thursday at Salon Taboo, near Tribunal. It was a fantastic concert, with a pretty large group of 7 or 8 very talented musicians on the drums, sax, flute, trumpet, accordion, guitar, and bass. There was a catchy song called “De La Latina a Lavapies” which I’ve been singing in my head for the past couple of days…

Last Thursday was Father’s Day, a relaxing day off. I played paddle ball with Javi, a sport similar to tennis, but in a smaller court and with lighter racquets. You can use the walls, and the ball bounces much slower than in tennis, which makes it easier to play (I’ve never been good at tennis).

On Saturday we went to a town in the Sierra called Rascafria to take a walk and have a picnic (empanadillas, tortilla, mussels). We played Parcheesi, had a coffee, and tried to visit the monastery but it was closed. The story of my life.

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