Rubber ducky, you’re the one…

Woohoo, the weekend again! After a long week, there’s nothing more appealing to the eye than a tub full of steaming, bubbly bath water. And the most recent episode of The Office.

I did absolutely nothing on Saturday besides sit around on the internet with music, cook chicken curry, drink tea, and watch episodes of the third season of “The L Word” with my favorite Scotsman. I didn’t even feel like stepping out to go to the grocery store…the thought of walking alone makes me tired. So, a quiet, almost non-alcoholic weekend for a change.

On Thursday before one of my private classes, I discovered this cute pastry and coffee shop that serves these most delicious toasted ham and cheese croissants, drizzled with some kind of sweet crack that was probably honey. I think it was called Coliseo, right at the Puerta de Alcala…I must find it again! Rather than getting bocadillos at this other cafe, the only thing they offer after 4 PM — almost 7 euros for dry ham and dry cheese on dry bread, really?

Enough about bocadillos. More on the weekend later.

2 thoughts on “Rubber ducky, you’re the one…

  1. Hello!I feel that I have to leave you little notes here because I don't see you online anymore. I had the opposite of your weekend. A very alcoholic one. Of course, AVH Team Awesome decided that it would be a fine idea to become completely intoxicated after a really horrible few months of work. The night was pretty stellar; I think it was capped off well by weavingly-drunken, 3-in-the-morning salvos on Rock Band at Bun's place. Classico.The rest of the time I spent lying about in bed, organizing my closet into clothes by theme (short, short-sleeved, man-coats, girly-coats, et al.)But, one thing really sums up today (which is really the denouement of such a weekend) – I was looking on Craigslist for interconvio (sp?) partners and answered a few posts. And then I realised how sketchy I looked emailing strangers past midnight. I kind of want to write them back howling, "wait – I'm NOT a creepy stalkerrrrr!!!" Bah. Such is life. I miss you! Stop going to Costa Rica and love me already, thou trash bag. (I like that my comment is longer than your actual post.)Also, I was practishing my spanish online and the website I was at kept comparing a Peruvian (read: NORMAL) person with a Thpainard. Bahahaha. The humor, it is not lost on me.

  2. Hehehehe, hello you! I love your little (big) notes, and I'm so excited you're coming to Thpain!! Remember, the 8th and the 9th you guys are staying with meeeee. You guys are gonna have so much fun! Let me know what your itinerary is. ❤

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