Hucha de Deseos

While making the normal Sunday rounds of food and cervezas in La Latina, we came upon this strange bulbous machine made of plastic, light bulbs, and cups. It was labeled “Hucha de Deseos,” which means Piggy bank of Desires, and the instructions said to drop in some coins and whisper your innermost desires into the microphone, which would record your soundbite and save it into the machine. I think the idea behind it was to mobilize people into thinking about how to create a better city and community.

After some excellent pizza, we went to El Malandrin, a bar on Calle Almendro which serves good mojitos…and lollipops in a big jar. We spent awhile trying to think of the correct translation of “sour” in Spanish. Our faces reveal the intense effort made.

Next: Porcupine Tree Concert. I’d never heard of this band before, but Susie swore to their greatness, so we went to La Riviera, near Puerta del Angel, to see their show. We were impressed by the space, with bar and surrounding palm trees in the middle, nice lighting, and lots of standing area close to the stage. I was actually surprised by the huge crowd that turned up, and the band’s visuals were amazing. Show was awesome, I’m a new fan. Check them out.

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