Engine/ Empire by Cathy Park Hong

I have recently rekindled my relationship with the Free Library of Philadelphia branch on Vine Street, a place I frequented as a young reader. Walking up the granite steps and pushing open the doors of this giant and grandiose building reignites deep and fond memories, of Saturdays spent browsing adventure books peopled by young femaleContinue reading “Engine/ Empire by Cathy Park Hong”

Book Ramblings: Speak, Memory

As a huge fan of Nabokov and a curious explorer of the realm of reconstructed memory through memoirs and autobiographies, this book has been idling on my to-read list for a bit, ever since my enthralling encounter with Lolita. An account of Nabokov’s life, more or less chronologically, from childhood to adulthood, from a flourishingContinue reading “Book Ramblings: Speak, Memory”

Book Ramblings: Crime and Punishment

I must admit that this is the first Russian classic that I’ve ever read in my entire career as a bookworm. This behemoth of a novel is certainly worth the read and is actually quite absorbing until, I would say, the last 50 pages of the agonizing finish. This is one of the books thatContinue reading “Book Ramblings: Crime and Punishment”