A recent article on the Huffington Post talks about a new font in the works by Twitterblitz called “Sartalics,” a backwards-leaning italics font which would allow people to clearly denote their sarcastic comments.  I guess the land of sarcasm is also the land of misunderstandings and over-analyzing in the digital world, heh! I’m gonna needContinue reading “Sartalics”

The Bible may speak, but people don’t read

Just watched a very interesting and captivating documentary last night called “For the Bible Tells Me So.”  It explores the Christian condemnation of homosexuality as claimed to be an explicitly-stated “abomination”  in the Bible, and attempts to refute that strict reading by telling the coming-out stories of the gay sons and daughters of different families,Continue reading “The Bible may speak, but people don’t read”


Márgarét, áre you gríevingOver Goldengrove unleaving?Leáves, like the things of man, youWith your fresh thoughts care for, can you?Ah! ás the heart grows olderIt will come to such sights colderBy and by, nor spare a sighThough worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie;And yet you will weep and know why.Now no matter, child, the name:Sórrow’s spríngs áreContinue reading “Unleaving…”