“From Madrid, to heaven”

Where’ve you been? Tell me, where’ve you been? I’ve looked all over the city for you And couldn’t find you Today I buried the kisses I gave Now I don’t have to wait anymore, Lost in the street, Lost in the street – Taxi, “Perdido en la Calle” I love this song and this videoContinue reading ““From Madrid, to heaven””

The Swallower Swallowed

” – Hay billones y billones de números…Tengo una idea! No sé cómo decirte… Hay billones de números. Hay demasiados para que los podamos conocer todos, retener todos en nuestra cabeza, lleva a todos en nuestro corazón, amar a todos tal como amas a tu árbol, a tu casa, a tu hermano…Si dices: Amo losContinue reading “The Swallower Swallowed”

New York City and Dylan Thomas

Housing Works Cafe…I somehow always run into this place every time I’m in New York, even though Crosby street in Soho isn’t exactly a street one would encounter easily. I’ve been here on rainy Sundays to take shelter. I’ve sat in the little cafe area with hot tea and a random book from the shelf,Continue reading “New York City and Dylan Thomas”