The Bible may speak, but people don’t read

Just watched a very interesting and captivating documentary last night called “For the Bible Tells Me So.”  It explores the Christian condemnation of homosexuality as claimed to be an explicitly-stated “abomination”  in the Bible, and attempts to refute that strict reading by telling the coming-out stories of the gay sons and daughters of different families, their struggles with balancing their faith with the fight for their rights.

It shows the perspective of the parents, all of whom had a difficult time accepting their children’s sexual orientation, but who in the end wound up being devout advocates of gay rights, both politically and religiously. Rather than criticizing the Christian faith, the documentary also shows the viewpoint of several highly-read clergymen, as well as the first gay bishop, who propose a more flexible, reasonable, and intelligent reading of the Bible as a way to better understand the faith, rather than hypocritically casting judgment and instating hatred out of fear.  There is a clip from the show “The West Wing” which is rather enlightening and really attacks the conservative agenda in a few good punches:

One of the things that my inspiring and fiercely intelligent anthropology professor Aida insisted on was the fact that all the injustices, discrimination, and bigotrous hearsay that people spread can be avoided by the simple act of reading, by not only knowing but understanding. People can read up on their country’s laws, their rights, and I don’t mean quoting the 2nd amendment like a parrot each time people’s gun-toting fetish is threatened. I mean really reading and knowing the full context in which things were written, and how we may apply those concepts in our modern, changing world to make it better, to understand others better.  Read, understand, think for yourself, then judge, and BACK IT UP WITH FACTS.

If people really read the Bible, for example, they would understand that Sodom and Gomorrah was NOT a story condemning homosexuality. If people read up on their psychology books they would discover that homosexuality is NOT a choice, or a disorder, or “reversible.”  It’s not literary interpretation. It’s a scientific fact. Check it out here, here, and here.  If you want to feed me a lie, I’ll believe it if you show me the cold hard evidence, updated and cited, and not from a book that was compiled by many people 2,000 years ago.  There is a whole world of information out there, and everywhere we can prove or disprove our biases by simply gaining knowledge. So why aren’t people more open to the act of thinking? Because they are lazy. Because they don’t want to know. Because it’s easier to listen to those around you telling you what you should believe and how you should live your life.

There is also a snippet from a New York Times article about the whole Michele Bachmann fiasco that I’d like to address:

“She stood up as a Christian,” said Bob Battle, pastor of the Berean Church of God in Christ here. “She made her point of view known, and she gave Christians a voice.”

She proved herself an extraordinary organizer. “The social conservative groups were largely isolated; she went to them and made a very hard-edged argument that their deeply felt values were being ignored,” Professor Jacobs said.

All of this just strikes me as very ironic and backwards. First of all, when did the voice of Christians ever NOT get heard? Second of all, does upholding the “deeply felt values” of conservative Christians always mean that the rights and values of everyone else are cut short? Just so these righteous good-doers can sit in their homes and sigh in relief that they won’t have to tolerate two people of the same sex somewhere in the midst of their great state getting married? So they can feel better about marrying closeted men? So they can feel proud about supporting the backwards agenda which describes their lives?

I have never seen a more self-centered, hypocritical, blind, and hateful manipulation of religion. I don’t understand why people waste so much time judging others when they really need to catch up on their fact-checking and focus on themselves. STFU, Michele, and if it really means so much to you go work on your own gay husband. (Courtesy of comedy show “The Sky’s the Limit” on her abortion agenda:  “And Michele Bachmann?? You’re a woman for god’s sake! It’s like a chicken snackin’ on some wings!”)

I’m tired of hearing all this bullshit, I’m gonna go become a Buddhist and move to Mongolia.  Bye.

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