5 Days in Sicily

1. Cefalu. The gloriously hot Sicilian air blows in through the car windows as we drive along the highway, indulging in sun while the cold, rainy spring continues its sour mood in Madrid. On the road towards Syracuse from Palermo, an ancient village called Cefalu winks in the distance, where pastel-colored flat-roofed houses hang rightContinue reading “5 Days in Sicily”

Seville: Orange Trees in the Old World

I: Sevilla Seville is one of those cities that incarnate the vital, pumping heart of a country, its veins reaching deep into an old Spain that is felt in its grandiose plazas, its signature fragrance of orange trees and jasmine, the gait of afternoon strollers as they walk, as if kings, the snaking cobblestoned streets.Continue reading “Seville: Orange Trees in the Old World”

Mallorca: Playtime in the Mediterranean

Allison came to visit! I promised I’d take her to a Spanish island, so we decided on Mallorca, Menorca’s bigger sister out in the Mediterranean. Fine white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters: paradisiacal cliches but truly marvelous when they are right in front of you, complete with the caw of seagulls and murmur ofContinue reading “Mallorca: Playtime in the Mediterranean”