Sonnet for Swimmers

(The Cave of Swimmers, Gilf Kebir plateau, Egypt) I’ve decided to take up a sonnet-writing challenge. Haven’t written one in ages, and I actually don’t remember ever having written a worthwhile one. I’ve been mulling over this dream that has surfaced quite often ever since I could vividly remember my dreams: My house has becomeContinue reading “Sonnet for Swimmers”

The surprise trip turned out to be…

….drumroll…Oporto, Portugal! In Portuguese, it´s Porto, which translates as “port.” Apt name, as its coastal location and its river Douro lend to the city some beautiful views and beaches within a metro-ride away from the center. Even though “charming” is an over-used word to describe most small cities and towns in Europe, Porto really wasContinue reading “The surprise trip turned out to be…”