The surprise trip turned out to be…

….drumroll…Oporto, Portugal! In Portuguese, it´s Porto, which translates as “port.” Apt name, as its coastal location and its river Douro lend to the city some beautiful views and beaches within a metro-ride away from the center. Even though “charming” is an over-used word to describe most small cities and towns in Europe, Porto really wasContinue reading “The surprise trip turned out to be…”

Bacalao, Pasteles de Nata, and …more Good Food

John and I arrive early in dreary Lisbon this past puente and of course make a bee-line for the first coffee shop we find. The streets are quiet, but the pastry shops are already open and serving their signature baked goods to the morning crowd. After our routine 2-hour coffee, we suddenly realize that his jacket isContinue reading “Bacalao, Pasteles de Nata, and …more Good Food”