Journal: Thurs., Dec. 11th, 2014

The spaces in which we dwell and spend our waking and sleeping hours become so important. We attach ourselves to corners and bookshelves, to heights and shadows and mirrors, doorways, the squeaking of floorboards and the peel of paint. What is it about where you spend your nights dreaming, where you succumb to the most pleasurableContinue reading “Journal: Thurs., Dec. 11th, 2014”

Returning Home

“A person’s heart is like a deep well.  Nobody knows what lies at the bottom.  We can only imagine what there might be by contemplating the form of the things which, once in a while, come to the surface.” Haruki Murakami, “Airplane”  6/24/2010 Back on the other side of the ‘charco.’ I was surprised atContinue reading “Returning Home”