Well here I am. At home, doing practically nothing, playing the guitar, watching episodes of Aida, reading the news, watching my cats as they sleep…

It seems as if more than a month has passed since I’ve come back from Spain. I already have my visa sorted out from the Consulate General, and we’ve already celebrated my birthday, I’ve already gotten pretty drunk in New York and spent enough time with my family and friends. I wish there were more to do in Philly, but I actually don’t even wanna be in the city with all this heat… I’m a homebody without transport.

I’m proud to have learned to play the guitar at least better than the last time. I have a small repertoire of songs (all covers, ahem) that I’m trying to improve for my grand debut…the audience consisting of my sister and parents.

I’m also reading more here and there…Greek mythology, National Geographic issues, poetry, my old journals, Shakespeare, etc…and writing more, playing with pastels…

It’s too hot. I’m going to do more of nothing.

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