Home Sweet Home

It’s been a week since I’ve arrived in Philly, a week of relaxation, food, and … the swine flu. The doctor told me that I probably contracted it on the plane. Health benefits here are shit; it seems like you have to either have a lot of money or a lot of time on your hands to recover from being sick. I think they’re making a big fuss over this swine flu thing. My sister told me they should put me in quarantine because it could be highly contagious. Well a lot of people die from the normal flu, which is also highly contagious.

Anyway, I’ve eaten my first Johnny Rockets hamburger, I went to dim sum with my parents, and I’m going to eat my first Philly cheesesteak very soon, I hope…

I like being at home and having creature comforts, but sometimes it’s a bit boring, especially without a car. When you haven’t been at home in a long time, you always think about the things you have there, but once you’re there, suddenly everything becomes normal after a day. And once you arrive, the last couple of months that you’ve been abroad seem so surreal…

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