All day the wind rushes hard like the ocean beating its way through choked  leaves on the highest trees  I imagine  I am by the sea and discern rolling waves in the dark gathering black sand through the undertow and the shush of receding waters over the bark of neighbors’ dogs is the moon’s departure

Memento II

The ephemera of my blinked existence live in shoeboxes, cigar cases dust-lined and discolored as if from slow fire smoking through teenage correspondence, solemn feelings, molars and other artifacts dropped from us and kept for the reason why there may be birds which forget to find their lives beautiful when nesting, when soaring and anxiousContinue reading “Memento II”

Summer Heart

The curly tendrils of snow peas snatch at each other tentative and desperate, how the heat goes under when day descends into dusk without once looking back chatter of watery French the Quebecois girls snap stems with rough fingers my ears lulled to inclinations within fields of the mind, monologues of black birds with redContinue reading “Summer Heart”