All day the wind rushes hard like the ocean beating its way through choked  leaves on the highest trees  I imagine  I am by the sea and discern rolling waves in the dark gathering black sand through the undertow and the shush of receding waters over the bark of neighbors’ dogs is the moon’s departure

The Tree Climber

We Write Poems’ Prompt this week encouraged us to think about trees… The Tree Climber Falling from a tree — That’s a memory I lack, though I wish I had a scar, almost imperceptible, hidden on my shin or across my clavicle like the indent of a seashell sleeping under the bone — It would haveContinue reading “The Tree Climber”

Autumn Has Arrived at La Granja, Segovia…

Look at that beauty. I had never been so excited to see orange and yellow leaves in my life, or crunch on the piles of dry brown ones that have gathered on the peaceful paths through the gardens of La Granja.  At home I had always trekked through hills of leaves during the autumns, familiarContinue reading “Autumn Has Arrived at La Granja, Segovia…”